A Process attendant Needed At Queensland, Australia.

A Process attendant Needed At Queensland, Australia. To apply for the position of a Process attendant, simply follow the details below.,

Key Responsibilities Of the Process Attendant

  • Work within confined spaces and able to work at heights.
  • Provide regular and accurate feedback on factory issues to the Shift Team Leader.
  • Work with the maintenance team and be able to communicate on the telephone and two way radio.
  • Ensure to work safely and be able to look after the safety of others.
  • carry out general surveillance on factory areas and work perfectly within a team.
  • Carry out laboratory analysis in the regular representative sampling of mud, liquor
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and make adjustments to effluent treatment plants. This should be done under the guidance of the Process assistant.
  • Troubleshoot minor processing problems at any of the company’s factory stations.
  • Report mechanical or processing problems to the shift Co-coordinator.
  • Assist with chemical cleaning by working with the contract service providers.
  • Ensure to provide assistance on maintenance days in cleaning of evaporators.
  • Perform general housekeeping of heaters, filters, effluent plants etc and this should be in conjunction with the station operators.
  • maintain starch enzyme and evaporator of the anti scale dosing systems
  • Ensure to be able to grease nipples around the boilers.
  • Check and clean machinery and cooling tower chemicals throughout the mill

Eligibility Criteria To Apply As A Process Attendant

  • You must be able to see to your safety and that of others.
  • You must provide regular and accurate feedbacks on your assigned duties.
  • You must always adapt to and support change
  • You must hold a C class drivers license.
  • You must have a current Front End Loader ticket.
  • You must possess a chemical handling certificate.

Job Location

Wilmar sugar, Queensland, Australia.

Job Position

Process Attendant

Employment Term

Full-time Job



Application Deadline

April 2019.

How To apply

Source: indeed.ca

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