An aviation Protection Officer Needed At Cloncurry QLD, Australia.

An aviation Protection Officer Needed At Cloncurry QLD, Australia. To apply for the position of an Aviation Protection Officer, simply follow the details below.,

Cloncurry Shire Council is in need of persons to fill the position of an Aviation Protection Officer. This position requires one who is very diligent and have passion for what ever he does. Interested persons should make use of this opportunity to get busy.

Duties And Responsibilities Of the Aviation Protection Officer

  • Ensure to check all equipments and maintain good working order.
  • Undertake security task.
  • Maintain sterile area integrity.
  • Provide high level of customer service for users
  • Maintain a positive cloncurry shire image.
  • Ensure everyone in the company visitors, employee’s and agents comply with council’s workplace.
  • Provide security related informations to the Airport manager and reporting officers.
  • Maintain terminal and facilities cleanliness.
  • Maintain high level of moral and cohesion within the work group.
  • Present positive attitude , fairness, honesty etc in all dealings with council employees.
  • Perform other airport related duties.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply As An Aviation Protection Officer

  • You must have a conflict development skill and pay high level of attention to details.
  • You must be reliable and have sound literacy and numerical skills.
  • You must have an aviation security understanding.
  • You must possess a working knowledge of work, health and safety principles.
  • You must hold a current Aviation Security Identification Card

Workplace Health and Safety Obligations for Employees and Officers:
All the company’s employees have an obligation to uphold workplace health and safety when
working for the Council.


All employees must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and ensure that their act of safety do not affect the health and safety of other persons.

Job Location

Cloncurry Shire Council

Job Position

Aviation Protection Officer


$30.29 per hour

Employment Term

Casual Job

Application Deadline

Not Stated

How To Apply


You can also apply asĀ  a Porter/guest Service agent


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